My Dogs Club Agility Classes
We do things differently - to set you and your dog up for success.
small groups + 1 handler per dog 
grouped by temperament
Our focus is on teaching life skills – such as self control, being calm, being able to listen and having good manners –This will build a life long relationship built on trust and of course you and your dog will learn how to navigate the agility field including 12 obstacles, from jumps and tunnels to seesaws 

Agility is a great sport - our classes are fun, supportive with a friendly atmosphere. 

The classes are run with 4 consecutive weeks  or  our rolling monthly membership so you can join as soon as we have availability.   Membership offers discounted classes and complimentary bite-size membership so you can be part of the club!  You can even join the club for a month - you have nothing to lose! 


Dogs need to be comfortable around other dogs and people (or see 1-2-1 agility).  If you are new to agility or want to top up your dogs training to get the most out of your sessions we recommend joining the sports membership or Sports + membership (with Unlimited Obedience classes)

 Our online  training club can give you the foundation skills for training your pet sports dog.  Any questions get in touch we are happy to discuss options.  


Classes are 8.05am, 8.45am and 9.25am Saturday am - we will discuss the best class for you before you book. 


If this is your first time training with us pop us a message
so we can guide you on which group to join  07804499864