Dog agility is a sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy
We are a friendly training group who value the social side of owning a dog.  We therefore create fun classes with a supportive atmosphere.  Families are welcome-we will help everyone get involved.  We have have several kids that help train their dog or even do it by themselves.   The course is 4 weeks long so just enough time to  trial. Warning!!- Most find it addictive. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Why Agility

A chance for you and your dog to try out agility equipment in a safe and controlled environment.
We will help you through an exciting program which is designed to introduce each piece of apparatus in turn, starting with the most suitable for your dog's age and experience, progressing skills to complete courses.
You will have fun whilst helping to strengthen 
communication between you and your dog.

Who can do it

Most, we can adapt the difficulty to suit your dog. As long as they are healthy this is a great was to enrich your dog's life.  It provides mental and physical stimulation and is a great was to keep your dog healthy.  Jumps are changed to suit the age and breed/ size of the dog as well as their temperament.  Breeds we currently have in class vary from south-African-boerboel (10 stone), to Labradors and beagles!
We cater for most ages by adapting tasks to suit.  Puppies (after puppy training), young dogs and older dogs can partake in pre-agility.  This is designed to teach skills needed for agility but reducing the impact on joints.  For very young puppies we advise attending our puppy class first to introduce the life skills we will use in this environment.