My Dogs Club Training and Behaviour services
We do things differently - to set you and your dog up for success.


Here is where your training journey begins. With My Dog's Club you're investing in your dog’s future. With a scientific foundation and years of experience, our services use effective training techniques that are enjoyable for you and your dog.

We’re specialist dog behaviourists and trainers with over 20 years experience.  This wealth of experience enables us to tailor our services to suit each dog and provide the most effective, positive and rewarding advice.

My Dogs Club Training Classes
We do things differently - to set you and your dog up for success.


We have seen over 50 benefits (see them here) of teaching dogs at home - without the need for 121s.  Training classes cause problems -as dogs still need to practice at home and not in a artificial environment and outside classes are have too many distractions to begin with. 


Why we have we structured our classes like this

"Its like learning an instrument at home and then performing it at a concert" rather than "playing a new instrument in front of an audience immediately" 


So we are teaching online and practicing with face to face training walks 

setting you up for success

Joining our online club will give you the skills and support you need to train your dogs to become obedient, adaptable,  happy and cooperative pets 

With regular contact via weekly LIVE classes on zoom, whatsapp, weekly live Q+As and sending in videos for feedback we can help you succeed.

Instant tailored feedback to see you are doing things right

Demo dogs Deri and Sullivan to you you how to do things

Training trio! We worked on trust today

Classes are on

Tuesday evening 7pm,

Thursday lunch 12noon,

Saturday lunch 12 noon

or catch up with a video link any time that suits you 

You can either select a set class time each week for a well rounded training experience or follow you preferred topic.

maximum flexibility and tailored to your needs and schedule 

Each week you can choose from either class below

Life skills  - obedience and more 

Brain games - mental enrichment , tricks and fun foundation skills

Sports - scent work and agility 

and every 4 weeks we have a specialist topic you can choose to top up your knowledge

so far we have covered - cool canines, body language, dog/dog sociability, separation anxiety prevention,

We have a team of two skilled trainers (clinical animal behaviorists - ie dog geeks) and teachers (QTS) giving us the perfect balance of experience and qualifications to coach you and your dog - unleashing your potential.  You will be joining a close knit community of like minded individuals which will add support with your journey. 

Subscriptions start from £35, you will be added to the group immediately and attend your first session within 2 days.  To cancel you can unsubscribe any time - giving us two week notice


1-2-1 Dog Training and Behaviour Services

Offering professional support and advice to help you with your dogs training goals and concerns.  

All our services utilise over 20 years experience using our academic background (BscHons and IMDTB level 5)  Our training services cover new skills you may want to teach a dog and behaviour modification works on undoing unwanted behaviours and teaching alternative.  If your unsure what service you need complete the form below and we will point you to the right option, providing the level of support you need.

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Club Training walks
For those local to Bracknell Berkshire (RG12 7)
Highly supportive and supervised socialisation training walk with our own dog behaviourists and trainers.
Training walks take place in public places  and are a great opportunity for owners to put their training into practice in a real-life situation. The content of the Adult Dog Training Walks will depend on what owners want to practice but can include stays, recalls away from distractions, whistle training and walking on a loose lead.  Theses are most effective along side out online club where we teach skills- then practicing your teams skills with our support.  The Social training walks are for dogs that are happy with people and dogs whilst being  out and about  or in a program with us - we will not set anyone up to fail or flood a dog (expose them to things they find too hard).  Each session will be described - but as a rule of thumb all dogs will be on lead unless all members are happy with off lead .  From £12 a session
Training walks
For those local to Bracknell Berkshire (RG12 7)

One-to-one training  walks 

Suited to dogs who need a little guidance to improve their connection when walking.

These walks can include:​

Impulse control

Reinforcement of calm behaviours

Socialisation skills and appropriate greetings

Loose lead walking


Relaxation techniques

buddy walks with a suitable dog friend

Training walks are offered as a follow on from the initial training 1-2-1 - using our handling and training experience to fast track you training progress.

Following an initial 1-2-1 to asses your requirements and dogs abilities a program will be tailor made for you and your dog/s -


For this to be effective, training advice must be followed between walks 

This lady is a stunner! #teambuilding #m

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Dog Training: helping you develop a healthy, happy, family pet you can be proud of...


Recall games to build owner focus and strong recall.

This is a skill (like a sport, playing an instrument or learning a language)


Grooming and vet behaviour training

Scent workshop

Scent workshops to practice your dogs skills in new enviroments