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Puppy Training

Our puppy classes are open to dogs up to 6 months. We run rolling 6-week courses, which means you can start as soon as you and your pup are ready. We recommend puppies join us from aged 8-9 weeks, which enables us to guide them through their critical socialisation period.

What will I learn?

Each class covers a specific real-world topic, so you can learn how to work with your dog in situations you face on a daily basis. 

Over 6 weeks you will cover:

  • Going to the park

  • Dinner time etiquette

  • Visiting the Vets and groomers

  • Meeting friends for coffee

  • Going to the pub

  • Brain Games & being a dog

Our focus is on teaching skills such as self-control, being calm, being able to listen and having good manners. These skills teach well rounded behaviour rather than just basic obedience, although you will still finish the course with your dog able to achieve a good sit, down and recall, with the knowledge to progress them further if you wish.

We offer weekday and weekend classes in a variety of locations. Take a look below and book today. 



When: Thursdays from 18:30

Where: Langley Hall, Bracknell, RG12 1HD


When: Saturday from 09:00

Where: Out and about. Real life training within 3 miles of Bracknell

1-2-1 puppy Training

Professional 1-2-1 training at your home - tailored to your families needs. Ideal for 1st time owners, if you cant make weekly classes or for shy/hyper social.  Puppy lasses are not suitable for all dog/puppies.
Focusing on the skills your puppy actually needs, to grow into a happy healthy pet.
  • setting in
  • puppy problems and solutions -mouthing, toilet training, basic obedience
  • walking on a lead and recall
  • being left
  • crate/pen training
  • socalisation
  • integrating with the family - kids, multi-dog household and with other pets
Training has been shown to be the single most important thing that keeps a dog in his or her “forever” home.
Training builds your mutual bond, enhances the partnership and enriches the relationship you share with your dog. Is there anything better?

1-2-1 puppy socialisation session

Highly supportive and supervised socialisation with our own dog behaviourists and trainers. 
A puppy's brain has the same number of cells at birth and 16 weeks- but is 10 times larger. this pawsome increase is due to the connections between the brain cells not brain cells themselves.
These connections are made via experiences in the first 4 months of age (and often in the womb).  At this age puppies learn things really quickly - good and bad.
Puppy socialisation sessions focus on setting you up for success - teaching your pup to be calm in the presence of excitement.  They will learn how to interact with other dogs and puppies, people and items, even noises.  We will teach you puppy best practice - body language, puppy parent parenting techniques.
A trainer and behaviourist will be available to answer any queries you may have and explain your puppy’s behaviour to ensure that your puppy gets the best possible start in life.


Recall games to build owner focus and strong recall.

This is a skill (like a sport, playing an instrument or learning a language)


Grooming and vet behaviour training


Scent workshops to practice your dogs skills in new enviroments 

Scent workshop