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We do things differently - to set you and your dog up for success.


Here is where your training journey begins. With My Dog's Club you're investing in your dog’s future. With a scientific foundation and years of experience, our services use effective training techniques that are enjoyable for you and your puppy.

We’re specialist dog behaviourists and trainers with over 20 years experience.  This wealth of experience enables us to tailor our services to suit each dog and provide the most effective, positive and rewarding advice.

Puppy Training

Puppy Club
Classes to fit all schedules, join and get started today (rolling start date)

Puppy Training: helping you develop a healthy, happy, family pet you can be proud of...


Puppy training designed to fit the daily routine of busy pup owners - classes Tuesday lunch time, Tuesday evening and Saturday- you can also catch up our supportive facebook group.



Complete puppy support - learn with a training in your home (via zoom) and practice these skills in a weekly socalisation classes.   

Classes are rolling , which means you can start as soon as you get your puppy. We recommend puppies join us ONLINE from aged 8-9 weeks, which enables us to guide them through their critical socialisation period.  Once pups have skills, taught in their own home, (Un-vaccinated pups can use our puppy buggy to join in safley).  Pups teams need to attend one class before attending a structured  social 


Our focus is on teaching skills such as self-control, being calm, being able to listen and having good manners. These skills teach well rounded behaviour rather than just basic obedience, although you will still finish the course with your dog able to achieve a good sit, down and recall, with the knowledge to progress them further if you wish.

We offer weekday and weekend classes.  Take a look below and book today. 

Puppy Socalistaion session 
(for those near Bracknell Berkshire)
Highly supportive and supervised socialisation with our own dog behaviourists and trainers.  
For these sessions to be most effective we recommend joining the online puppy club - puppy classes to give you the skills to train and support your puppy - learn at home, practice in the park
We will meet in public places close to Bracknell, Berkshire.  
Woods, towns, country parks, quiet urban areas, enclosed fields.
Puppy socialisation sessions focus on setting you up for success - teaching your pup to be calm in the presence of excitement.  They will learn how to interact with other dogs and puppies, people and items, even noises. We will teach them to focus on you. How to process emotions - where behaviour problems start.  We will teach you puppy best practice - body language, puppy parenting techniques. 
A trainer and behaviourist will be available to answer any queries you may have and explain your puppy’s behaviour to ensure that your puppy gets the best possible start in life.  
This isnt a traditional puppy class, its the best start for your puppy 
Puppy Socalistaion session 
(for those near Bracknell Berkshire)


121 puppy training.

Unleash your puppies potential

Perfect for busy schedules, extra busy puppy, large families or shy puppy.  Introducing you puppy to a older dog or other pets.  121s are perfect if you need a little more support -  1-2-1 training in the comfort of your own home can be a great alternative. (social distancing or via zoom)
Do you have a puppy that:
Needs help with you other dog
want help to live with your cat?
is too excited with the kids
is really mouthy?
cant settle at night?
If you need help with any training issues, please get in touch.
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Dog Training: helping you develop a healthy, happy, family pet you can be proud of...



Recall games to build owner focus and strong recall.

This is a skill (like a sport, playing an instrument or learning a language)


Grooming and vet behaviour training

Scent workshop

Scent workshops to practice your dogs skills in new enviroments 

Unleash your dog's potential

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