Seperation Anxiety 

Behaviour consults are focused on achieving your goals. We will apply the most recent developments in dog behavioral assessment and training to work towards resolving behaviour problems.  Roxy has a degree in Animal Behavior science  from the University of Lincoln and PGCE (qualified teacher status).
We are proud to offer force free, reward based one-to-one dog training, behaviour counselling and therapy throughout Berkshire and further afield.  Alongside exemplary qualifications we have built up an outstanding portfolio of the work we do.
We offer a free 30 minute phone discovery session where we discuss your dog’s needs, offer you some initial advice and a chance for you to get to know us.  
Separation Anxiety
Behaviour modification is a process not event 
We only take on behaviour cases with a planned follow up package. This is discussed in the initial complimentary phone consult and tailored to your needs
30 min phone introduction - complimentary- to see how we can help
Initial consult process - £250 includes the below
  1. phone consult - Questionnaire to gather case history -
  2. vet check to rule out medical causes -vet referral form and analysis
  3. Home visit consult -2 hours to assess the behaviour and implement a plan 
  4. Follow up calls (3 x 15 min a week) for three weeks after the visit with email/phone support

follow on options 

Ongoing monthly phone support £110
follow on home visit £60 1 hour session 


Travel surcharge 
 5 mile radius of 
RG12 7NX
For every mile over 10 mile an additional 
£1 per mile will be 
added to the
 consultation and 
follow-up visits.
unless we have suggested a training location as part of the package

Vet Referal

To ensure problem behaviour is not linked to a medical condition, veterinary referral is essential.  


You will need to be able to carry our daily training exercises (typically no more than 30 mins a day)
Other people that care for your dog will have to also follow training or management techniques to support you
Its important to set your self and your dog up for success - we will make suggestions on how.  The importance of these will be explained and will range from crucail to helpful with behaviour modifiation

Tracking Progress

for progress to be tracked and for behaviour modification to be as effective as possible you will be requested to keep a diary and or video your training
regularly sharing with with the MDC team, so we can support you


we are very clear with expectations from the initial consult - we dont have a magic wand.  We are very successful at what we do
most behaviour cases have a lifelong management element