Hello from My Dogs Club

Our classes are different, but in a good way. 

  • Designed using up to date science - our course is always changing to be most the effective. 

  • Your classes are held by Roxy and Elin - qualified 20+ years and experienced - IMDTB, BSc (hons), ADPT . 

  • We teach you what you actually need to know to have a happy and adaptable dog.

  • Our course is structured but flexible 

  • We embed training into your daily life from the start - real life scenarios

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You have options- Join Roxy and Elin through a 3 fully supportive 4 week courses- class 1,2,3 giving your puppy the BEST start from pre-vaccination to teenager- These are held in the nicest real life venues, check them out.

Puppy Course Details

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