Hello from My Dogs Club

Our classes are different, but in a good way. 

  • Designed using up to date science - our course is always changing to be most the effective. 

  • Your classes are held by Roxy and Elin - qualified 20+ years and experienced - IMDTB, BSc (hons). We do weekly professional development. 

  • We teach you what you actually need to know to have a happy and adaptable dog.

  • Our course is structured but flexible 

  • We embed training into your daily life from the start - real life scenarios

We offer full support with blended classes - we start puppies online first and then in person so that you can start BEFORE vaccinations (if you don't have online access check out our training club or our 121 Training support  for in person training.

Benefits of online Classes- low distraction, so we can cover more, we see your dogs behaviour at home, your family can get involves + 50 other reasons - set yourself up for success.  Read our blog specially on this. Once your skilled up you then attend course socials to practice them. 

We compare this class structure to learning to play an instrument before joining a band. 


If your unsure what service you need complete the contact us form  or schedule a discovery call and we will point you to the right option, providing the level of support you need.

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We'd love to train with you

You have options- Join Roxy and Elin through a 3 fully supportive 4 week courses- class 1,2,3 giving your puppy the BEST start from pre-vaccination to teenager- These are held in the nicest real life venues, check them out.


Puppy Course Details

We'd love to train with you

puppy classes poster.png

Adolescent and Adult

 Course Details

We'd love to train with you

Each week we cover for a real life scenario

Weekly Themes

  1. -Park Week 

  2. - Grooming and Handling 

  3. - Visitors 

  4. - Urban Walks 

  5. - Being a dog 

  6. - Coffee shop visits 

Class - online life skills class - so much more than sit

Clinic - Socialisation tasks and flexible time where the group choose the focus

Meet - In person Group classes to practice (online alternative for those further away - although we've had people drive over an hour)

Course topics 

  • Reading dog body language

  • lead handling

  • Reward based training -when to treat

  • How to correct behaviour

  • House Training

  • Home Alone

  • Curbing Nipping

  • Handling Exercises 

  • Settling Down

  • Attention

  • Sit Down Stand

  • Rapid recall

  • Jumping up - and solutions

  • Socialisation - how to keep your dog social

  • Lead Manners

  • Self control foundations to advance

  • How to play with your dog


Train with Roxy and Elin and enjoy


  • Rolling start date - no waiting to join, start as soon as possible

  • small groups

  • live classes- with tailored guidance

  • Demo dogs - different breeds to show the process

  • Community support

  • Q+A time

  • Flexible course 

  • Family friendly - Everyone is encouraged to get involved (for meets just 1 owner per dog)