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Foundation Obedience
Group class 
6 Weeks
Adolescent dogs, new rescues or  those wanting to top us skills
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combining classes and 121 support
121 support
121 with our specialist trainers 
Foundation Obedience 6 week Group class 
Weekly class - Tuesday evening 7 pm or Saturday morning 10 am
 Weekly meet - Wednesday 10 am or Sunday 10 am (social distance)
Q+A - Wednesday evening or anytime in our dedicated FB community group


Complete training support for 6 weeks - 2 sessions a week to provide the most effective learning for you and your dog.  Learn how to train in the comfort of your  home (via a live zoom class) and practice these skills in a weekly socialisation classes. 


We have come up with 50+ benefits of this combo approach  

Classes are rolling which means you can start as soon as you get your puppy. We recommend this class for older puppies and adolescent (5 months to 2 years) new rescues or new owners. This class will give you and your dog a tool kit that you can apply immediately to real life situations.

We will cover exercises to teach

improved lead skills

Food manners

staying in position

understanding body language

Improved Recall

How to behave in real life situations


Dog teams need to attend one class before attending a meet.  

Families are encouraged to get involved with classes

One adult owner can attend the meet (covid guidelines, so will change with guidance)

Meets will be held in real life venues -

within a close proximity to Bracknell (Lilly hill park, Frost folly, south hill park, Ryslip dog activity centre binfield etc)

Sessions are consecutive after the first session

please choose a class time and a meet time - these will remain the same each week (we will try accommodate flexibility, but this can not be guaranteed)

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121 Dog training

Offering professional support and advice to help you with your dogs training goals and concerns.  

All our services utilise over 20 years experience using our academic background (BscHons and IMDTB level 5).  If your unsure what service you need complete the contact us form  and we will point you to the right option, providing the level of support you need.


A tailor made program will be planned after an initial assessment - a combination of zoom, garden sessions or location training.  We can discuss and answer questions before you book

We can cover any training (teaching a new behaviour)

Improving lead skills


settling a new puppy or dog

jumping up

crate training or station training

settling in public - coffee shop

manners with food

manners with guests - for the extra happy dog

Golden Dog




4 121 sessions 
In person
(with covid measures
tailored plan
post session notes and phone/email support between sessions
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My Dogs Club Membership

Great if you are on a budget, want flexibility to try different service, flexibility with your diary or want to top up your dogs training to advance levels 
Class + 121 package
Foundation Group class 
and a 121 -£170
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Club Membership package
 Class followed by My dogs club Membership+ ( £120 followed by Monthly subscription £45pcm (10% off)
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