Hello from My Dog's Club 

We've flipped the model for dog training - stopping village hall or weekly field classes for a modern membership.  2020 taught us alot, rather then reverting to old habits, we are bringing the positive changes into our future services - because they work.

We offer Full support with blended classes - in person and online - you choose your sessions.


  • Our dog training is 100% tailored - choose your session depending on your training goal. We can guide you too.

  • LIVE coaching - we give you the skills and training tool kit during both in person and online sessions. 

  • Flexible schedule - training fits in - around child care, travel, work and other commitments. same session each week or a mixture of sessions 

  • Accessible for all dogs and owners.

  • Demo dogs - our dogs/ or buddy dogs demonstrate training live so you can see how to work though problems.

  • Social - access to buddy dogs/ people to practice your training goals -We facilitate client friendships to support you.

We have 7 different sessions - we are confident there something for everyone.

  • Life skills meets - training practice in person, in real life situations

  • Life skills classes - training online to teach new skills to you and your dog.  

  • Husbandry classes - prepare for easy grooming, vet visits and baths.

  • Tricks Training - build skills and your relationship - party tricks a plenty

  • Scent work - employ your dog and challenge them - reducing behaviour problems

  • Spotlight sessions - we host other professionals to geek up. Topics from frustration, preventing behaviour problems to first aid and photography.

  • Bandanna walk socials - all club members are invited for complimentary supported group walk

 If your unsure what service you need complete the contact us form  or schedule a discovery call and we will point you to the right option, providing the level of support you need.

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Membership levels 

We've got 2 membership levels to provide the support level you need.

Training club gives you 5 credits £45pcm 

Behaviour club gives for 10 credits for £75pcm - ideal for more support or multi-dog households

Your club to be proud of, we are.  This is flexible membership yet structured.  You have 6 topics to choose from. Each club provides a different focus, to help your dog reach their potential.   Club membership is value packed.


 Early on your best to pick a class/session and attend it for a few weeks to embed and build on the new skills.

You get 5/10 credits to choose your services - booked easily with our booking system.  Services vary from 1-5 credits- spread them out over the month, with a little flexibility to fit in with life.​

Join for as long as you like - a couple of months in place of a set duration class or hang around to enjoy time with your dog while learning new skills. 

Training membership click here
Training membership click here

5 credits £45

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Behaviour membership click here
Behaviour membership click here

10 Credits £85

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