Information for Veterinary Practices

At My Dog's Club, we only conduct behavioural programs after veterinary referral.  We do this to rule out any physiological or medical reasons that would affect the program or its effectiveness.  Should we feel that there are any issues that are outside of our remit, we always suggest the owners contact the Practice before putting any modification plans in place.    


If the owners contact us directly before they speak with their vet,  I supply them with a basic referral form to be completed by them and then signed by the vet. In some cases practices have their own paperwork or prefer to simply email a medical history to me where relevant, which is also perfectly acceptable. 

​Referral Form 


Once any consultations have been completed, we contact the vet by phone if we require their advice or permission to change diet, introduce non-prescription medication or simply to check any thoughts we may have in relation to the dog's fitness in general. After this, the client reports are compiled and any relevant information is passed on to them. We also produce a short report for the vet summarising any discussions we've  had, giving a brief description of the behaviour modification plan that the owners will be following.


Please do not hesitate to contact My Dog's Club by emailing or call us on 07804 499864, if you have any questions.