1-2-1 Training 

for puppies and dogs

1-2-1 training sessions are focused on achieving your goals. We will apply the most recent developments in dog  training to work towards resolving training goals.  Roxy has a degree in Animal Behaviour science  from the University of Lincoln and PGCE (QTS).  
1-2-1s are ideal for busy schedules where weekly classes are not viable, for dogs that struggle to concentrate, nervous/shy dogs or for focused attention with a dog specialist.  Training is done in the home or at selected venues to maximize effectiveness - the experts come to you.

what we can help with 

We can help with all behaviour concerns including​​​
  • Recall
  • Lead skills
  • responsiveness to cues
  • settling a new dog/ puppy
  • grooming training
  • settling at home/ in public
  • toilet training - puppy, new rescue
  • General manners
  • Scent work 
  • Socalisation 
  • Introducing dogs
  • Baby preporation
Training is a process not event 
We only take on training cases with a planned follow up -  explained below. 
if you would like to discuss options please book a discovery call HERE

package one

class combo

2 hour 1-2-1 + Course Membership
 (puppy or adult)
Session notes provided and training tracker
Scheduled follow up call two weeks after session or during course
5% discount with other My Dog's Club services 
£150 initial fee (121 + course membership), £80 pcm thereafter

package two

1-2-1 courses

Initial 1-2-1 - 1.5/2 hour visit to your home
3 x 1 hour 1-2-1 - home or agreed outside location
email and phone support for a month after last session
Individual training plan and tracker emailed you and tweaked as needed 
10% discount with other My Dog's Club services 

package three

1-2-1 follow up masterclass

1-2-1 initial consult 
(for My Dog's Club clients) 
1.5 hour session - we can focus on up to 2 to 3 behaviours depending on the case
session notes provided and training tracker
scheduled follow up call two weeks after session 
(£72 for Club Members) 


We can discuss your training needs 
Meet us and answer any questions
We are based in Berkshire but have clients worldwide



Travel surcharge after
 5 mile radius of 
RG12 7NX
For every mile over 10 mile an additional 
£1 per mile will be 
added to the
 consultation and 
follow-up visits.
unless we have suggested a training location as part of the package


You will need to be able to carry our daily training exercises (typically no more than 30 mins a day)

Other people that care for your dog will have to also follow training or management techniques to support you

Tracking Progress

For progress to be tracked and to be as effective as possible
you will be requested to keep a diary and or video your training


we are very clear with expectations from the initial consult - we dont have a magic wand.  We are very successful at what we do

most behaviour cases have a lifelong management element


medical causes are ruled out as part of the process so nothing can be mended (the behaviour your dog is doing is normal if medical reasons have been ruled out) but can be significantly improved  

Our services are currently running with all possible COVID 19 precautions. Please get in touch to discuss what we can offer.