Meet The Team

We are specialist pet dog behaviorists and trainers, with over 20 years experience working professionally with dogs. 


Our services are built from a foundation of extensive scientific based qualifications and experience.  This enable us to tailor our services to suit each dog and provide the most effective, positive and rewarding advice.



"I love my Job.  Science and the art of training fascinates me.  I love passing just a little bit (as much as the person wants to know) of this on to each owner to help unleash their dogs potential."


She has a degree in Animal Behaviour from Lincoln University and has worked for numerous companies providing specialist care to dogs over the last 10 years. She began by volunteering at a local animal charity where she helped care for unwanted strays. This is where she met her first dog, a border collie called Murphy, who she hand reared when she was just 14. Murphy was Roxy’s best friend and adventure companion for 17 years, enjoying agility and therapy work; including visiting homes and being a reading buddy at primary schools.


Before My Dog’s Club, Roxy taught science at secondary schools (QTS) and sixth form for 6 years. The skills she gained from teaching have been beneficial to her dog training and have led to improving the effectiveness of it.


Roxy has always been driven to further her canine knowledge and dog training to the highest level possible. She does this through reading, attending seminars, training sessions, apprenticing with established trainers and running classes and independent behavioural sessions.


She has traveled nationally and internationally (living in America for 3 years) to keep her skills up to date and learn from other trainers and behaviourists. Roxy's skills have helped hundreds of rescue dogs find new homes - some have even gone on to be assistant dogs or search dogs in the services.


In her free time Roxy enjoys adventures with Deri, her one year old cavachon -  Deri is being trained to be a support dog for PTSD.    



"I've been very lucky to turn both my hobbies into my career.  I love to teach - dog training and music - so far not together!  I love watching dogs develop and build confidence using positive reinforcement.  Its really rewarding teaching owners how to get the best from their dog. "


Elin has loved animals from an early age and has always wanted to help them where she could. Elin has experience with dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities and has achieved membership with the IMDT Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

She has a particular interest in rescue dogs and has enjoyed working with her dog Maisie who came from Battersea Dog and Cats Home.  Maisie is a super intelligent staffie cross greyhound who has kept Elin on her toes and led her to discover lots of positive training techniques.

Over the last five years, Elin has increased her knowledge of dog behaviour by extensive reading as well as the practical learning that comes from My Dog’s Club daycare! Elin loves spending time with all the daycare dogs - you can follow her adventures and hilarious ‘chats’ with them all on Facebook.

Our puppy and dog development expert. Elin loves teaching dogs life skills to prevent behaviour problems and which enable those young dogs to grow into adaptable and happy companions.

Elin has a keen interest in dog training and canine sport opportunities.  Maisie loves going to agility and Elin is keen to develop her skills in flyball and hoopers too.


Outside of My Dog’s Club, Elin teaches music and conducts wind bands, which keeps her busy! Specializing in the french horn, other brass instruments, singing and piano, Elin is very talented. With years of teaching experience and timing skills - Elin is able to put these skills into her training with dogs and their families.

Experienced and Qualified


Continue Professional Development and Qualifications

Qualifications and Experience
Roxy - Clinical Animal Behaviourist 
  • Bsc(Hons) Animal Behaviour Science University of Lincoln
  • Berkshire College of Agriculture BCA lecturer - Degree courses veterinary physiotherapy and Animal Behaviour (The Royal Agricultural University Cirencester) 
  • FASD Assistance Dog Approved Trainer 
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Member 2015-2017
  • Pet professional Guild
  • Second change Obedience club assistant 2001- 2003 
  • Training and Behavioral Advisor Dogs Trust Norfolk
  • 2006-2007 – University of Lincoln assisting life skills for puppies classes
  • 2009-2011 June-August – Instructor for the animal training program Nature’s Classroom – Teaching kids to teach animals on a farm. 
  • 2008-2010 -Assistant at My Dog’s Place CT USA (APDT) – Agility, puppy classes, obedience, Fly Ball and behaviour classes
Elin -
  • Level 5. 12 months. Analysis And Application - IMDTB accredited 2019/20
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Member 2016-2018
  • Pet professional Guild
  • My Dogs Club Operations Manager 2013 -2019
  • My dogs Club class developer 2012 ongoing 
Seminars/ CPD
  • scent for 6 The School of canine science - 2019 ongoing 
  • 30 days of canine science September 2019
  • Shaping skills – Kamal Fernandez 2019
  • Making your training classes fun and effective Kamal Fernandez 2019
  • Canine body language – Brenda Alof 2019
  • ADPT activity weekend - Film dog workshop and Jane Ardens Proofing Behaviours, Tracking and Man Trailing  spring 2019
  • School of canine science- The Puppy lab ​2019 - ongoing and updated
  • Dave Brice – Psychopharmacology 2018
  • Kathy Sdao - But My Dog Isn't Food Motivated 2018
  • Sian Ryan - Emotional Support for Older Dogs 2017
  • Toni Sherborn Intro to T- touch 2016
  • Chirag patel - Understanding, Mangaing and Modifying Problem Behaviours
  • Discussing Punishment & Animal Training 2017
  • Absolute dog – is your dog reactive webinar?
  • Sarah whitehead – rethink socialisation for puppies 2018
  • Sian ryan is Loose Lead Walking a Self-Control Behaviour? 2015
  • Helen Zulch - Why do dogs bite? A structured approach to assessing aggressive behaviour in dogs 2015
  • 2016 Association of pet behaviour counsellors- Helping owners manage typical puppy behaviour Helen Zulch
  • Clicker expo 2015 -The 3-day Expo  featured hands-on Labs, lectures, and networking events led by world-renowned training experts like Kathy Sdao, Ken Ramirez, Daniel Mills, Kay Larence 
  • -What a Concept! New Frontiers in Concept Training! - Ken Ramirez
  • -A Moment of Science: Clicker Training 101- Kathy Sdao
  • -Doggie Zen: The Way to Self-Control - Cecilie Koste
  • - Leash Partnerships: Teaching Clients to Walk with a Loose Leash -Emily Larlham 
  • - You Will Love Him Again, One Day: Adolescent Dogs - Kay Laurence
  • - It’s a Good Fit! Operant & Classical Conditioning-Kathy Sdao
  • - Getting Along Famously! Winning Strategies for Multi-Dog Households - Emily Larlham
  • - "Making Inferences About The Emotions of Dogs" - Prof. Daniel Mills
  • - Thoughtful Play -Kay Laurence
  • - Super Friendly to Super Cool: Teaching Impulse Control -Michele Pouliot
  • - Agility Right From Start- Eva Bertilsson &Emelie Johnson-Vegh
  • - If You Build it, They will Come: Training a Reliable Recall Kathy Sdao
  • - Old Dogs New Clicks: Teaching, Loving & Living with Your Older Dog -Kathy Sdao
  • - "Not Disobedient But in Pain" - Prof. Daniel Mills
4th IAABC.(International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Conference)Conference, April 1-3, 2011 in Warwick, Rhode Island USA - semminars from Bob Bailey, Dr. Nick Dodman, Brenda Aloff, Victoria Stillwell, Karen Pryer 
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