My Dogs Club Membership
A community for dog owners, a club for dogs.
Fun, flexible and effective services you can Pick'n'Mix your training each month. 
With different membership levels we can offer cost effective access to our expert training services.
This supports our ethos of encouraging people to do more with their dog - unleash their potential and having fun.
With the wide range of choices  we have something for everyone; wherever you are located, if have a reactive rover or energetic youngster. We even cater for multi dog households and get families involved- so everyone can join the fun.
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Service choices 

additional services can be booked as a add on payment from the members area



Skill up and learn in your lounge

(anywhere you have a device and internet- you can train from a field if you like)

Obedience classes 

Tue 7 pm,

Wed 1 pm

 Sat 10 am

(pick one in a week or upgrade to Expert + for unlimited)

45 min class

1 Credit 



121 with our Experts 

We can over 1 or two topics in an hour  121 at your home or pre-arranged location*

Expert Membership needed (30 mins for founding members) or upgrade £20 for an hour 


Sat to Wednesday 

please send us 3 dates and time ranges you can do and what you would like to cover  by clicking the link 

5 credits 


Agility club

A month of agility

and bitesize club membership

Expert Membership needed

35 min classes

Sat Am

Group T+Cs apply

Email to book ahead.  Once enrolled, booking is rolling, simply inform us how many months you would like to do or give a months notice to free up your credits.

Email using the link below to give us a preferred start date.  


5 Credits



Practice in the park

Group in person training session

location - local public spaces near Bracknell leisure centre 

Wed 10 am

Sunday 11am

On lead unless in a set training exercise

2 credits 

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Training Walk

Book your dog in for a training adventure with us. Sorry, dogs only this time! Contact us to discuss whether this service is suitable for your dog.

3 credits 


121 Agility 

Have us as your personal agility trainer for 30 minutes. We will organise a convenient time to hire Ryslip Kennels Binfield for this. Great fun sessions involving physical and mental exercise for your dog.

3 Credit 



Enjoy your training in a social meet and supervised off lead play

Prerequisites -For dogs that are comfortable with others and have a good foundation level of training

 Basic off lead control round other dogs

groups will vary by temperament -

check with us before you book

1 credit 

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Free work Session

Hire a room full of interactive puzzles, different textures and balance surfaces. Perfect for building confidence and improving body awareness. Free work is a brilliant outlet and improves behaviour through sensory and mental stimulation.

solo 1 Credit 

Guided 2 credits

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