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Joy Moments 

How it works

  • Join for either 6 or 12 months 

  • One fee for unlimited swaps 

  • Swap items when you attend any in person service - your 121, a club meet, bandanna walk or Use our calendar to come arrange swapping items - whatsapp us so we know your coming and we can tell you where we will be (always a good location for a dog walks).

  • This program just needs to cover costs - and fund us getting more enrichment toys

  • we expect wear and tare but not destruction - we will see how this goes but dont think it will be a problem.  Supervise your dogs when introducing the games

  • we will compile a video tutorial on how to set your dog up for success with each item (our gang will test and advise)

  • If you have a good quality enrichment toy your dog doesn't like  -  donate it and we will offer you free membership/ discount  depending on the price of the item. 

we will use membership cards to log the item you have and stamp it when the items returned. 

Ready for you to select your next item/ item bundle. 

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